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A Place that really does make dreams come true!

To empower and develop young people through participation in excellent youth theatre

What we do

NACN Theatre Company has been set up in response to the lack of  performing arts and stage schools within a working-class setting. For many young people that are bursting with talent from areas of social disadvantage they are faced with the challenges of travel and fees and for many just fitting in

Here at NACN Theatre Company we want to change that and provide not just opportunities but the same , if not better level of provision and service.

We pride ourselves with the fact that our Directing and management team are all young talented youth that will only settle for nothing but better than the best. 

NACN Theatre Company is managed by young people that come together regularly to participate in theatre/drama and performing arts related activities.  At NACN we are very lucky to have a youth management group that can facilitate and have  experience to grow performing arts in a working-class setting and to provide the same level of service in the same way the high fee paid groups do in the city centre. We understand that the area  has so much talent just waiting to be recognised.

NACN’s principles

  • All youth have the right to take part in high quality, engaging, challenging and meaningful theatre experiences.
  • All youth and those who work with them have the right to work in safe environments.
  • Youth theatre and all of its practitioners have the right to platforms of equal value and importance as other forms of theatre.
  • Youth theatre has the power to influence, inform, challenge and change theatre practice.
  • Youth theatre has the right to the same resources as other forms of theatre.
  • Youth theatre has the right to work with high quality artists and theatre practitioners.
  • Youth theatre is at its best when it provides opportunities for young people to take risks in safe contexts.
  • Youth theatre is vital to the personal, social, political, aesthetic and educational development of young people. The theatre art is a universal expression of human kind and helps young people to find their place and voice in society.
  • Youth theatre practitioners have the right to high quality professional development.
  • Youth theatre recognises young people as artists in their own right.
  • Youth theatre should access a diverse range of cultures, genres, art forms and approaches.
  • Youth theatre should reflect and represent the diversity of all young people taking part.

Theatre Company Management Team


Artistic Director

I’m the Artistic Director for the NACN Theatre Company. My passion is performing arts and I have been involved with some of the bigger drama groups in Belfast, but I see a gap that needs addressed when it comes to performing arts in disadvantaged areas such as North Belfast and Newtownabbey. I hope to share my experience with others that want to get into drama but with the barriers that some face just hasn’t had that opportunity. Life can change for anyone if just given an opportunity.


Stage Manager

I’m 16 years old. My role as Stage and Production Manager within NACN Theatre company is to support the Artistic Director. I have been involved in youth based Performing Arts now for 6years and have been lead roles in many of the programmes.


Head of Wardrope and Props

My role of the Props Designer/ Manager makes me responsible for obtaining all props needed for the production. I also work with the Stage Manager in gathering appropriate rehearsal props.

We will be focusing on Our New Show – The Yellow Brick Road. Audition dates and venue to follow. Keep Watching this space for details

NACN Theatre Company  would like to inform any young performing artist that the next show’s auditions will be in the Valley Leisure Centre. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we can not plan ahead with dates and times however we will be launching information news videos on our social media to keep everyone updated.