What we do

At NACN Vocal Academy we provide an opportunity for young singer that have a talent in singing but maybe face barriers that prevent them from taking forward steps towards a more professional career. 

For many, the high end cost of studio recording time is just one of the many problems young people face when trying to make it. 

At our Vocal Academy we audition each member to see if they have what it takes to be on a certain level of skill and also to see if they have the right positive attitude that we require within our group. 

Our members benefit from a good support structure and the ability to record in the NACN Coole Studio without the high end fees. 


Young Leader Vocal Academy

I am 17 years old. I have been coming to NACN for over 5 years now. Part of my role is to manage each of the classes with one of the other young leaders. The Academy runs every Thursday night but sometimes if we are working on our Personal Artists Profiles we have to come in more. My plans for the group is to keep developing and keep growing so we can create performances that we can then charge as part of a social enterprise to self sustain the running of the group.


Senior Support of Vocal Academy

I am 19 years of age. As a senior youth member, I support the young youth leaders within the Vocal Academy which is the best youth provision where young talent can come and express themselves. One of my most memorable experiences is when we produced a video highlighting the dangers of drugs that went viral. This allowed us to see that we can achieve so much from within our community.


Member of Vocal Academy

I have been part of NACN for 4 years now. I've perfirned at many different events such as Christmas Light Switch Ons, VFest & many others. NACN has gave me loads of confidence to perform and meet many people.


Member of Vocal Academy

Hi my name is Lauren Douglas I’m 15 and I’m a member of the NACN Vocal Academy. I have been apart of NACN Vocal Academy for over a year now and I really enjoy it. One of the reasons I enjoy it is because of the great memories we get to make as a group. One of my favourite memories we have made is singing for the elderly at Christmas as it was great seeing that what We do as a group is making others happy.


Member of Vocal Academy

Hi I'm Eve and I'm 14, The thing I enjoy most about the academy is that it is just not singing, we do a range of things, including event management. I passed my grades 1 and 3 in singing, both with distinctions. I have sung in the Opera House, Moseley mill, Vfest(festival) and other places. I am very passionate about singing.


Member of Vocal Academy

I am 11 years old. My interest in music ranges from Rock’n’Roll to broadway classics! I love being a part of NACN, it has benefited me in many ways, including making me more confident everytime and giving me many amazing opportunities which I'm so grateful for. I just LOVE it and everyone in it!

Emma L

Member of Vocal Academy

My name is Emma Lowry and I am 18 years old. I enjoy being in the Vocal Academy because I get opportunities to progress my singing, as well as meeting and making new friends. The sessions are always fun and we also get to experience the recording and marketing side of the music industry.


Member of Vocal Academy


Member of Vocal Academy


Member of Vocal Academy

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