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What we do

NACN Young Reporters is a program where young people plan, research and create reports such as articles and videos that will be published on not only our social media platforms but published on several News organisations like BBC and ITV etc

Lee Walker

Hi, I’m Lee Walker. I’m 15 years old and studying for my GCSE’s at Belfast High School. I am a member of the school debating team and enjoy public speaking. I’m passionate about photography and in particular politics. In my spare time, I play canoe polo for Ulster. My hope is to educate my generation on political and social issues


My name is Anna and I am 18 years old. I decided to get involved in the young report’s project because I have an interest in journalism and feel all young people deserve to be heard. I’m most looking forward to creating my own storylines based on issues I’m passionate about and seeing them be brought to life.

Alana Cahoon

I’m Alana Cahoon, I’m 18 years old and currently studying A-Levels in Politics, Economics and History at Portadown College. Outside of school, I am involved in lots of projects such as being a TBUC ambassador and many other cross-community projects. I also appeared on the Top Table programme in January. I’m passionate about journalism and politics and hope so pursue this in the future


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