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24a The Diamond, Rathcoole, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim BT37 9BJ

Frequent Questions

How can music help?

Music can help boost brain power in youth. music stimulates parts of the brain associated with academic achievment, such as reading and math, and emotional development.
Instead of viewing music as an extracurricular activity, consider it an all over part of a young persons education.

How can the Arts help improve academic achievement?

Students involved in the Arts have a tremendous academic benefit compared to students without exposure to the Arts.
Arts inspire Youth to excel in and out of the classroom.
The Arts help youth stay in school, increases motivation, improves attitudes and attendance, and improves academic performance.

how many job careers are there in the music industry?

There are 85+ different job careers in the music industry

How does NACN support young people

NACN helps advance the learning and skills of young people in the Rathcoole and surrounding areas by providing trading, volunterring opportunities and expiernce in digital media production.