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A Place that really does make dreams come true!

To empower and develop young people through participation in excellent youth theatre

What we do

The NACN Preforming Arts Academy has been set up to provide an alternative drama provision to what is already on offer. Unlike other high end Performing Art Schools, we are driven with an understanding of the many barriers there are for young people and their families to be part of or involved with the world of performing arts.

NACN Performing Arts Academy understands that not all young people, especially those from socio disadvantaged areas will ever get opportunities unless these barriers are taken away.

This said , we are extremely confident that the level of professionalism and high standards of tuition will help create any performance on parr with the high end schools that charge large fees.

Directed under our experienced and talented Directors Amber Beckinsale and Lisa McCord the NACN Performing Arts Academy will open many different opportunities to young people to help them follow their dreams!

“Theatre and Performing Arts should be for all, not just the better off”

NACN Principles

  • All youth have the right to take part in high quality, engaging, challenging and meaningful theatre experiences.
  • All youth and those who work with them have the right to work in safe environments.
  • Youth theatre and all of its practitioners have the right to platforms of equal value and importance as other forms of theatre.
  • Youth theatre has the power to influence, inform, challenge and change theatre practice.
  • Youth theatre has the right to the same resources as other forms of theatre.
    Youth theatre has the right to work with high-quality artists and theatre practitioners.
  • Youth theatre is at its best when it provides opportunities for young people to take risks in safe contexts.
  • Youth theatre is vital to the personal, social, political, aesthetic and educational development of young people.
  • Theatre art is a universal expression of humankind and helps young people to find their place and voice in society.
  • Youth theatre practitioners have the right to high-quality professional development.
  • Youth theatre recognises young people as artists in their own right.
    Youth theatre should access a diverse range of cultures, genres, art forms and approaches.
    Youth theatre should reflect and represent the diversity of all young people taking part.

Upcoming Shows

We will be focusing on Our New Show – The Yellow Brick Road. Audition dates and venue to follow. Keep Watching this space for details

NACN Theatre Company would like to inform any young performing artist that the next show’s auditions will be in the Valley Leisure Centre. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we can not plan ahead with dates and times however we will be launching information news videos on our social media to keep everyone updated.